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Dr Nader Javadi

Dr. Nader Javadi M.D.

Hematology / Oncology
Medical Dir. of Hope Health Center
Asst. clinical Prof. at UCI school of medicine.

Dr. Nader Javadi, M.D. is a board certified Hematologist and Oncologist with more than 15 years of experience. He’s a graduate of Internal medicine residency at Cleveland Clinic and completed his fellowship in Hematology/Oncology program at St. Louis University hospital. He’s the founder and current director of Hope Health Center at Reseda, California. Dr. Javadi has been a Clinical Assistant professor at University of California – Irvine between 2004-2007. During the last 15 years he has been involved in many clinical trials in the field of oncology and been a thought leader in specific areas like prostate, liver, ovarian, colon and lung cancers. He has been the chairman of the cancer committee at Riverside Cancer Foundation between 2004-2007 (Riverside, California). Dr. Javadi has been featured as an oncology expert in many national and international TV and radio stations including NBC news and multiple Persian and Armenian TV/radio stations.

At Hope Health Center (HHC) cancer patients are treated in a completely different way compared to standard approach which is practiced elsewhere. At Hope Health Center, Dr. Javadi has created a special treatment protocol for each cancer patient called “Precision Cancer Medicine”. By using this method a specific, customized therapy is given to each individual based on his/her own tumor genetics.

The technology used is called “The Next Generation Gene Sequencing” which analyzes more than 100 cancer related genes in a tumor sample. Knowing which mutations are present in each tumor can help Dr. Javadi tailor a patient’s treatment to the unique genetic features present in his/her cancer cells. For example, a patient could be given a standard chemotherapy and expect a maximum 35 percent response rate/shrinkage of tumor. But if we know that patient has a specific mutation, he/she can be offered a targeted therapy as simple as a pill which has a 75 percent response rate and fewer side effects.

Dr. Javadi is among one of a few community oncologists in the world who’s been a pioneer in the field of “Precision Cancer Medicine”. He has designed and applied many unique customized treatment protocols for cancer patients throughout the world with responses up to 100 percent. Some of his protocols have been used in the context of clinical trials by prestigious academic centers years later. Dr. Javadi believes in multi-pathway targeted therapy which incorporates different chemotherapies along with different biologic/targeted/immune therapies to obtain the maximum response and ultimately improving patients’ survival and quality of life. He’s one of the first oncologists who has used immunotherapy in combination with chemotherapy and targeted therapy. He believes, we need to use and boost our own immunity against cancer through a protocol which uses immunotherapy as its platform.

His goal is transforming an advanced deadly disease to a chronic illness which patients can live with and not die from. “Fighting cancer is similar to a war, you don’t want to use your ground forces only, you need your air force and navy too” Dr. Javadi said on one of his interviews. “you can’t expect a good and durable response by using only one standard medication in a patient with advanced stage 4 cancer. Cancer is smarter than you and will overcome and become resistant to it. We need to use multiple medications with different mechanism of action to put the tumor into shock instantly and decrease the possibility of future resistance and indirectly improve the survival” he added.

At Hope Health Center patients are treated as one of our own family members in a warm, friendly and caring atmosphere. The staff at Hope Health Center are highly trained professionals who are dedicated to cancer patients with years of experience.

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Hope Health Center

(HHC) is an independent private oncology clinic. At Hope Health Center all patients with cancer are treated by “Precision Oncology”. By this method the treatment protocols are customized to the individual patient. Precision oncology is in its infancy period in US and may take another 10-15 years to be used widely as a standard oncology practice. At Hope Health Center this has begun already with years of experience to treat the most advanced cancers. At initial assessment we perform a comprehensive genetic study on tumor sample using “the next generation gene sequencing” method which is the most advanced tool in this field. We try to find the driver genes responsible for tumor growth in that sample. At the same time tumor is tested with different chemotherapies to find the most sensitive one and avoiding the ones without efficacy. We also test the tumor for its sensitivity to different immunotherapies including ant-PD1 or anti-PDL1. Based on all these test results a special customized therapy will be designed which may include not only the most effective chemotherapies but also immunotherapy, targeted therapy and biologic therapies.

At Hope Health Center patients who failed standard therapies and were sent to hospice by academic centers have shown responses up to 80-100% to personalized therapies and been enjoying extended life with good quality. By precision individualized cancer therapy it doesn’t matter where the original tumor is located. We study the tumor behavior and its nature and try to match the best treatment for it with maximum response and least toxicity. For instance at Hope Health Center we treated an advanced metastatic pancreatic cancer patient who had failed standard chemo with a new customized combination of chemo and a targeted therapy used for lymphoma resulting in about 90% response and almost normal quality of life. Patient’s tumors in his liver disappeared completely. You cant see such a response with standard chemo alone. Patient had also no significant side effects with therapy. In academic centers , national cancer centers and all community practices patients with advanced cancers are offered two options. If suitable patient is enrolled in a clinical trial testing a new medication which may or may not work with unknown toxicities. If the individual patient is not a candidate for trials then he/she is offered a standard protocol which uses the same chemo for all patients without knowing the efficacy or potential toxicity for each individual. After using all limited lines of chemo patients are sent to palliative care/hospice with progressive/terminal disease.

At Hope Health Center we offer an unlimited source of different FDA approved medications to each patient based on his/her tumor genetics and sensitivity. We call this “the third option” which is not being done in any other center around the world to our knowledge. Using precision oncology opens a new window of opportunity for each patient to be treated with a variety of effective chemotherapies, immunotherapies and targeted therapies. We are not limiting ourselves in the boundaries of standard oncology which can’t offer much when cancer has been progressing. We use immunotherapy as a platform to boost the effect of other therapies. To our knowledge we are the only center in the world where immunotherapies with chemotherapy and targeted therapy are given in combination based on each individual need. Our results speak for themselves. Please contact our office for more information and assistance .